Water Filtration Survival Backpack-Camo/Free Shipping



Here is a complete filtering system in backpack form -perfect for emergency water or hikers. Inside there is a 3-liter bladder with a ceramic filter attached. Dirty water passes through the filter and out the attached tube to a bite-down mouthpiece.

Complete filtering system - no additional parts required

Accepts water from floods, lake, rain, well, tap, river or stream

Filter cleans with a clean, damp cloth

Extend shelf life by shaking filter every 3-4 months (to loosen media inside and prevent packing)

Once in use, filter will last about 75 bladder refills

2 pouches for spare filters (spares not included)



Product is silver impregnated and will not permit bacteria growth-through (mitosis). It provides a hostile environment for all microbiological organisms and will not support their growth. Ceramic elements may be cleaned 100 or more times with a soft brush or damp cloth. The filtration efficiency is 0.5 micron.




99% Arsenic 5 and 99% Arsenic 3 (special order)

99% Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

95% Chlorine and Chloramines

99% Taste

99% Odor

98% Aluminum

96% Iron

98% Lead

90% Pesticides

85% Herbicides

85% Insecticides

90% Rodenticides

85% Phenols

85% MTBE

85% Perchlorate

80% Trihalomethanes

95% Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons

99.999% of particles larger than 0.5 micron, including
Anthrax (Staffordshire University Labs)

99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 micron (Staffordshire
University Labs)

98% of particles larger than 0.2 micron (Staffordshire University

100% Giardia Lamblia

100% Cyclospora

100% live Cryptosporidium (WRc Standard)

100% Cryptosporidium (NSF Standard 53 – A.C. fine dust – 4
log challenge)

100% E. Coli, Vibrio Cholerae (Johns Hopkins University)

99.999% Salmonella Typhil, Shigella Dysenteria, Kiebsiella
Terrigena (Hyder Labs)

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 42

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 42

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 53

ISO 9002 Quality Standard

USA AEL Laboratories

USA Analytical Food Laboratories

USA Johns Hopkins University

British 5750 Quality Standard

England’s Water Research council (WRc) Performance Standards


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Water Filtration Survival Backpack-Camo/Free Shipping

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